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Abbreviations used in Website

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CA, 1955 : Citizenship Act, 1955
 Central Govt./ GOI : Government of India
 Companies Act : Companies Act, 2013
 FDI : Foreign Direct Investment
 FEMA : Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
GST Act : Goods & Service Tax Act, 2017
GST : Goods & Service Tax
 HNIs : High Net-worth Individuals
 OCIs : Overseas  Citizens of India
 IT Act : Indian Income Tax Act, 1961
 LLP : Limited Liability Partnership
 MSME : Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
MSMED Act : Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act,2006
NRIs : Non Resident Indian
 PIOs : Person of Indian Origins
RBI : Reserve Bank of India

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For any of query or further clarification, kindly send the detailed query at Contact Us.

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